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More Bushing Madness


Replacing the old bushings at the end of the cables in our Sambar helped with shifting a lot, but it is still pretty sloppy. Hoping it would make a difference, we ordered the two additional bushings for lower in the shifter. These had to come from Japan. So here is the diagram of the shifter …

Broken Mirrors

new mirror

After 25 years of road use and sun, plastics start to break down. Our mini trucks are no different. The mirrors seemed to be in pretty good condition, but when looking more closely, there is a crack that has formed on the pivot. It has split to the point that it is pretty difficult to …

A Better Shift

Getting the boot off

The Subaru Sambar, well any kei truck for that matter, are not known for the quality of the shift. By that I mean that shifting isn’t a precision affair. These are working vehicles, and the quality of the shift is skewed towards durability rather than precision. Add to that 25-plus years of use, and you …